Fuji BJJ Mats Laid Out

Brand New Fuji Mats Have Arrived !!

Our brand new Fuji 2″ Smooth Mats have finally arrived and laid out.  There is so much blue in this room, it feels like I’m in the ocean.  We will definitely add some items to the walls to break the color out a little bit.  We are still awaiting our wall pads which should be arriving shortly.  I’m really excited with the arrival of the mats!  Now I can start rolling and drilling with my boys as we get closer to opening the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school.

Fuji BJJ Mats Stacked Delivery
Fuji BJJ Mats Stacked Delivery
Building the Website

Working on the Website

Welcome to our website!

It just launched and we wanted to have some information posted on the website.

The general information is here, but there needs to be a lot of editing and photos taken and uploaded.

We will start construction of the facility, install brand new mats and a change room.

We are hoping to launch the website and school May 2018. Hope to see you then!