Ballistic Boxing Striking

Kali Weapons

Kali Weapons (based on Inosanto Lacoste) is lead by Sifu Richard Whittle.

Inosanto Lacoste Kali is a Filipino Martial Arts system which incorporates elements from both Western and Eastern Martial Arts.

Ballistic Boxing

Ballistic Boxing is lead by Segung Bobby Stroup and Sifu Richard Whittle.

Kali Weapons Classes
Women's Kickboxing Program

Ballistic Boxing has American Boxing as it’s base, but also influenced by traditional Martial Arts such as Jeet Kun Do, American Kempo, Kajukenbo and Kali.

Women’s Kickboxing

The Women’s Kickboxing program is lead by Segung Bobby Stroup.

Richard Whittle and Bobby Stroup have over 60+ years combined experience as a martial artist, continues to train, evolve and innovate in martial arts.